Please insert disk into drive F:


UT 165 usb flash disk

USBest Ut 165

USBest Ut 165-Repaired

When USB flash storage is  inserted into USB port and trying to open the USB, message shows ” Please insert disk into drive F: or any other available Letter like G:, H: etc.

This error shows if the device has lost its operating parameters or malfunctioning operating system.

To repair UT 165 USBest Technology USB flash Drive:

  1. Download MFPT USB Utility over Here and Extract to install.(Default installation location is 
  2. Run MFPT program from Desktop icon and insert USB storage into USB port.
  3. Enumerate ports (using F3).
  4. Go to setting (Using F1)
  5. Select the appropriate properties for your USB Drive.
  6. Vendor UT165, Manufacturer : USBest USB,USB2.0 Mass storage Device.
  7. Device type : Type as “Flash Storage”.
  8. Go to next page
  9. Set Device capacity as per your USB storage capacity, 4GB or 4096
  10. Set chip as Auto
  11. Set Version 0.00
  12. Set vid 1307 and PID 165
  13. Go to next page
  14. Set stress 100%
  15. Load source file in Public partition: (Location of  MFPT where installed)
  16. Serial number at autogenerate.
  17. Set bin at default.
  18. Press “OK” and close the setup window.
  19. Press “Space Start” from top of the menu.
  20. Green indicator will show that the settings are OK. If green status is not appearing, go to settings and set again to match your device.
  21. Press again “Space Start” and status will scan and show as stress O or 1%.
  22. Remove USB
  23. Uninstall the MFPT driver from MFPT menu bar.
  24. Re-insert USB into USB port.
  25. PC will detect the USB and windows driver will be installed for USB mass storage.
  26. USB device will be shown in my computer.
  27. Click USB storage device, the message will appear for Formatting the USB.
  28. Format USB as normal.
  29. Your USB is ready for USE. Good Luck.

This way worked for me & my flash disk drive is all right now.


About anwarali8568
I am an electrical engineer having more than 27 years of experience in construction and design field.

21 Responses to Please insert disk into drive F:

  1. C Pop says:

    Dear Sirs.

    I have a Kingston 2GB flash drive.

    It gives the same error.

    Can I use your method on this drive? Or does it need a different utility file?

    Kind Regards

  2. C Pop says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I write further to my previous comment.

    I have some files on my flash drive that I need to recover.

    Does you method work only by re-format before being able to use again the USB drive? Can I recover the files first?

    Your help is greately appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    • anwar8568 says:

      Dear Visitor

      Files can’t be recovered. This works after reformat only.
      Each hardware has its own firmware. Download kingston usb firmware and try.
      Best Of luck

      AA shaikh

  3. C Pop says:

    Dear Anwar,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I will start looking for the Kingston utility, although I have no idea where I could find it as the Kingston website does not appear to have anything of such. I will give them a phone call tomorow.

    I have a comment on the re-format and the chance of recording the files. If the flash starts working after re-format, then it might still be a chance of recovering the files through a different utility (lots of free utilities on the Internet). This is because the files are probably not really deleted by re-formatting but rather not visible due to the new partition table. The only time the files will be completely deleted if there are new files written on top of the old ones. I understand that recovering files after re-format is not guaranteed but it still holds a good chance (i.e. worth trying since there is nothing more to lose).

    Kind Regards

  4. Afonso says:


    I tried your method, but after I click START, the program stops “Checking 12%” and give an error code 0x28.

    What am I doing wrong?

    P.: I am not sure if I understood the step 15 correctly…

    Thanks in advance

    • anwar8568 says:

      Dear Afonso,

      Please check the location of downloaded file MFTP, and follow the step. Hope it will work.


      anwar Ali

  5. darxside_313 says:

    it’s work…!!!
    thx…!!! my USB flash disk totally fixed…!!!

  6. chrome says:

    Thanks very much Sirs..,
    my ut165 usb flashdisk totally fixed!!
    That’s amazing!!!

  7. Dan Nelson says:

    I just repaired a Super Talent Pico-C 8GB flash drive with this program. Thanks for the detailed instructions!

  8. george says:

    This is 100% working i was able to recover my 2 pendrives using this tool..

  9. swami devprem says:

    This helped a lot,other stuff on net is just a wasteful fancy.People post anything without understanding the whole stuff.Thanks a ton for UT165 MFPT. UT165 MFPT was unavailable on Thanks for the step by step process .
    God Tech You (God Bless You)

  10. sun flare says:

    where can find the public partition and the source file what kind of file.

    • sun flare says:

      and every time i press space the status hangs at 32%

      • anwar8568 says:


        Please set the device parameters as given in the step by step setup.
        Did you get the source file by downloading from installation guidelines?
        If yes, after downloading the file you have to install on your PC. Wherever you install this program that will be your location of source file. When you click for selection of file, it will show the location. If not, please select manually.
        Hope it must works.

  11. joton rupa says:

    sir, thank you very much …. its working…

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